January Jones Dress by Numbers6 comments

By bsassy
Posted on 24 Jun 2010 at 8:40pm

I’m sure everyone has heard of paint by numbers, right? Now there is Dress by Numbers! Celebrities always have the cutest styles and even though they have the bank accounts to buy the trendiest stuff, a lot of times the designers give them the fruit of their labors for free. Why? Well for advertising of course! You can’t buy that kind of publicity since everyone Tivo’s over the commercials now a days anyways. So,if you want to dress like a celebrity and no one is sending you free stuff then here is a simple 1..2…3… for stuff that is next to free.

1.  Protect your haircolor with this cute Fedora from AmiClubwear for only $17.99

2.  Tom Ford Look a Like Sunnies will keep the Paparazzi glare away and for less than a mocha latte!

3.  DVF perfected the wrap dress so here is a cute alternative at $31.99 from Kohls.

4.  Can’t afford Prada?  Forever21 has your bag for $31.80.

5.  Your new Go-To Summer sandal from Target for under $23!

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